Sunday, July 24, 2011

cool website!

I’ve recently discovered the greatest website! It’s actually my new web addiction. Pinterest. Click on the link and request an invite and then you can have all sorts of online fun!

Basically it’s a place to organize and store all the great ideas you find online. Before pinterest, my favorites menu was loaded with websites I’d seen and liked. But then they were quickly forgotten and it became nearly impossible to remember what each of those “favorite” websites contained. Now I can save them to my very own bulletin boards and then easily access the website at a later time.

Not only can you set up your own bulletin boards, you can follow friends and repin from their boards. It’s quite a little online community!

My pin boards look something like this:


So if you’re already on pinterest, look me up and follow me (and of course I’ll follow you back). If you’re not on yet, go request an invite. And then look me up. Happy pinning!!

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