Saturday, May 28, 2011

memorial day weekend

This morning I headed out to the cemeteries with my mom, grandma and Allison. A four generation adventure. We saw the graves of my grandpa, great-grandparents and great, great-grandparents, along with a few other relatives.

When you tour the Flint Hills, visiting old country cemeteries, you work up an appetite. So grandma treated us to lunch at Jim & Lila’s cafe. It was ummmmm, an experience!


This cafe is out in the middle of nowhere. Piedmont is basically a ghost town. But the cafe was actually packed!


Check out the jukebox!


Not seeing too many familiar songs…



The great thing about Jim & Lila’s: you can pick up your groceries after you eat dinner! Or lounge in the recliner!?


They even have refrigerated items!


But no fountain drinks. Or menus. They just tell you what they have for the day.


There’s Lila…busy at work.


If you need to use the facilities, you’ll feel like a queen as you step up on the platform.


Ummmmm….no. I don’t think I’d like to dig out the paper. Thanks for asking though.

The misspellings of “toliet” and “too” add to the message, don’t ya think?


And if you wish to wash up after taking care of business, there’s a sink at the end of the hall. With a bar of soap. Yuck!!

So that was our eating adventure for the day. The food was good. And the atmosphere was good (for a laugh)! Next time you’re travelling through the Flint Hills in South Central Kansas, stop by Jim & Lila’s in Piedmont.


  1. This post was so funny! I love reading about other people's adventures! Good ole hole in the wall place... gotta love it! Usually have the best food though. :-)

    I've visited a lot of little places on trips with Grandma and Grandpa... but this trumps all mine. :-)

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. I love it! Usually the craziest hole-in-the-wall places are the best though.