Sunday, January 2, 2011

good times


I spent the last week of my Christmas break potty training. Fun, right?

So Delaney has been running around the house all week in a shirt and undies and sometimes plastic pants (for when she wants to sit on my lap). I guess Delaney was getting a little nervous about possible puddles around the house, because I came home from an errand and found her wearing these boots. They really do add to the ensemble, don’t ya think?

So far, she’s done ok. We’re down to just a couple of accidents a day. Just a little tinkle in her undies before she tells me she has to pee. She’s really good at holding it, I think. A skill that will serve her well in her future. Especially if she decides to be a teacher!

To add to our fun this week, our dryer quit working. On Christmas Eve. Great timing!! Fortunately, it’s under warranty. Unfortunately, no one in town stocks the part we need so it will be a few more days before it’s fixed. So we’ve been running baskets of wet clothes to our parents’ houses. I kind of feel like we should be dropping off a roll of quarters with our laundry!

Nothing like a pile of wet undies and no dryer to brighten your day!! At least pictures like this can make me smile.

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