Sunday, November 21, 2010

i just won’t do it

Put up Christmas decorations BEFORE Thanksgiving, that is. It’s bad enough that I can’t go into a store without being inundated with lights and flocking and ornaments. And it’s been like that since the school supplies went on clearance! Trust me, I love decorating for Christmas. I have two trees (much to my hubby’s chagrin). We hang lights on the house. And when I say we, I mean hubby does it while I offer my approval.

I’m very anxious for Thanksgiving to get here, though, so I CAN drag out all the ornaments and decorations and both trees and get to work. I’ve already been out on a couple of shopping expeditions and have purchased some new things. But I just can’t bring myself to actually decorate just yet. But a week from today, I plan to be fully decorated, inside and out! Pictures to come.

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