Monday, August 30, 2010

who’s your daddy?

Delaney is just a tiny bit confused. Her big sisters call her daddy by his first name. Her mama calls her daddy by his first name. So about fifty percent of the time, Delaney calls her daddy by his first name. It sounds something like “Neramy.”

This weekend her cousin Hayden was visiting. And he calls his daddy, “daddy.” And so Delaney did too. She would walk up to her Uncle Jason and call him “Dad” or “Daddy” and then call her own daddy, “Neramy.” Yes, the poor girl is confused.

And her poor daddy. All he wants is a child to call him “Dad.” But he has two step-daughters who call him Jeremy. And a son who can’t talk. And now a daughter who calls him “Neramy.” Hopefully Delaney will get this crazy family tree figured out. And Neramy is just going to have to be patient until then.

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