Wednesday, August 11, 2010

going beyond


Be careful what you wish for, girlfriends. Because sometimes you get what you want in unexpected ways!!

I’ve been in somewhat of a blogging funk lately. I’ve run out of things to write about and as the summer winds down, I know I’ll have even less to write about once school starts.

On Friday I headed out with about 20 other ladies from church to a Priscilla Shirer Conference in Tulsa. And I was secretly hoping for something exciting to blog about. Like I said earlier, be careful what you wish for, because excitement is exactly what we got!

After about 30 minutes of driving, our car ran over a bungee cord. You know, the ones with metal hooks on each end. And let me tell you, that sucker made some noise as it rattled around under the car. And sure enough, about 15 minutes later…flat tire! On the turnpike!



And do you think any cars pulled over to help 6 damsals in distress? Not a one! We did call AAA, but they were taking FOREVER to get to us, so being the industrious ladies that we are, we decided to take matter into our own hands. Starting with reading the manual to find out how in the heck we were supposed to get the spare tire out. And when I say we, I really mean they. Because all I did was stand around and take pictures with my phone.


I think Melissa is my hero. She rocked that tire iron like it was nobody’s business.


Eventually a couple of guys from the Turnpike Authority happened upon us and finished the job. Thank goodness.


Now that’s a flat tire! We made it back on the road after about an hour. And we had a fabulous time at the conference!


  1. What is it with church trips and flat tires?! Glad you ladies made it there and home safely and had a good time.

  2. It's definately the year of the flat tire at FBC! What a great adventure though! How fun!! The conference too! :)

  3. On the way to Chiefs training camp a couple of weeks ago, Tug and I had a flat at 70mph in KC traffic. A couple of days before that I stopped and helped a couple of ladies change a tire on 35 and the week before that was the Semi-cattle truck on fire that I helped on US 400 at 2 AM. I always try to miss those bungies due to the metal ends.