Monday, August 23, 2010

classroom pics


I wanted to show you a few pictures my classroom (since it’s pretty much my second home). And also to share some fantastic bargains I picked up over the summer.


This summer I completely overhauled my classroom library. This allowed a space for a reading corner with lanterns and flowers hanging overhead.



I have all my books organized by genre or series. It makes it easier for the kids to find books they are interested in. It took forever to do (just ask my hubby) but it was worth it.


This is the area where I teach mini-lessons for Reader’s Workshop, Writer’s Workshop and Math Workshop. We also hold our Morning Meeting here. The cute little rocking chair was something I found in my parents’ basement. The unfinished part of their basement is better than any thrift store around…because it’s FREE!!!


This lamp was another find in Mom’s Basement. It was antique brass and was missing a shade. So I painted the lamp, bought a shade at Goodwill for $1.99, covered it with fabric and added the pom-pom trim.


Another basement find. I painted the lamp with a textured paint so it looks like stone (it was teal before…very 80’s!). Bought the shade at Goodwill for $1.49 and covered it with fabric that was purchased on clearance.


I bought the stool at Goodwill for $5. It was a yucky, scuffed up wood, so I spray painted. Good as new and very comfy and sturdy.

The red chair is a garage sale find. Circa 1950’s. It was love at first sight!!

The gumball machine was recovered from the basement and I filled it with M&M’s.


Along the front of the classroom, I hung buckets ($1 each from the Target Dollar Bin). One for each child. We’ve been talking about the invisible bucket that we all have and how we can fill each other’s buckets or dip from each other’s buckets. We want to be a class full of bucket fillers so throughout the day, they can write on a drop and put it in a classmate’s bucket. We check our buckets on Friday afternoons. You can read more about Bucket Filling here.

So that pretty much sums up my home away from home. I figure the students and I are there more than at our own homes, so I might as well make it warm, cozy and inviting!


  1. Your room looks awesome. You must have been busy this summer with all that painting! I might have to switch schools for 3rd grade:) I love the bucket idea. Maybe I should get some for our house. It's hard to find ways for the girls to encourage each other sometimes. This would make it easier.

  2. Love it all!!! And especially glad that my daughter gets to enjoy it! The lamps and the red chair are my favorite...

  3. Your classroom looks awesome Marcie! The kids in your class are very lucky to have you as their teacher. Hope you have a fabulous year with your students.

  4. I LOVE your room! It is so cozy!! You have a wonderful knack for restoring old treasures! I may even have to steal some of your ideas.

    PS. Where did you find the flowers hanging above the library area??

  5. The flowers came from Hobby Lobby. Half price clearance. I LOVE their clearance aisles!!

  6. Hi,
    I just got a teaching job and am busy setting up my classroom. I love your labels for your class library and wonder if you have the file saved. And if so would you possibly mind sharing?


  7. @Thirteen Winks...I wasn't able to find an email address for you, but I got the book labels from Beth Newingham's site. Google her and you'll find a link to her book labels on her classroom library page. Good luck with your new teaching position!!!