Monday, April 12, 2010

sweet life cafe

I just spent a wonderful, much needed weekend away with 50-some other women. No men allowed!! We roughed it in the woods (in air-conditioned cabins, of course), sleeping on bunk beds. It took me straight back to my early adolescence and girl scout camping days.

This women’s retreat, themed Sweet Life Cafe, was organized by a fabulous group of ladies from our church (me being one of them…organizers, that is, not the fabulous part).

retreat 003 

You couldn’t have a cafe themed getaway without lots of coffee and tea and of course fun mugs! Each person was instructed to choose a mug and then we were grouped according to our mug choices. I chose the whimsical red and white mug above. Interestingly, my BFF also chose this mug. What does that tell ya?

retreat 006

retreat 007

retreat 022

There were tons of door prizes given away. It was a tough decision for those whose names were drawn out of the hat!

retreat 049

Following session one on Friday night, which had a “sweet” theme, we had caramel and chocolate fondue with lots of yummy dippers.

retreat 061

Then we headed out to the campfire (thankfully there was one man there…the camp director…who could build a fire for us!) And we topped off our sweet night with roasted marshmallows and s’mores.

retreat 062

And campfire singing. It wouldn’t be camping without it!

retreat 119

Can you tell what we did next? If you think we were dancing, you are so wrong!

We actually played a game called Upset the Apple Cart. It’s sort of like musical chairs. Except there’s no music. And you don’t take any chairs away.

retreat 084

You have one person stand in the middle and say a true statement about themselves.

retreat 083

If that statement is true about you, you must get up and find another chair to sit in. You can’t sit back in your original chair or in either chair next to you. The person left standing has to say something about themselves and the game continues. I guess you could say we were boogying around to find a chair to sit in.

retreat 078

It was a great way to get to know people better. We played this game until 2 am!! That’s at least 4 hours later than my normal Friday night bedtime! But it was so much fun!

retreat 122 Throughout the weekend, we sang lots of songs…

retreat 126 …and ate lots of yummy food!

retreat 131

retreat 133

We made these bookmarks with a charm that has the bible verse John 6:35, I am the bread of life inscribed on it.

retreat 152

retreat 155

And we did a service project. We made cinnamon pancake mix to give to a woman in need.

retreat 157

This was my cafe group. What a wonderful group of ladies!!

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  1. You got some GREAT pictures girl! I can't wait to see all of them! It was such a great weekend... even though someone had to be mean and call you names....MELISSA! :-)

    You're such a blast! Glad you were there!