Thursday, April 15, 2010

my 26 pound monkey


Twenty-six pounds, fourteen ounces to be exact. Thirty-four and one quarter inches tall.

Today Delaney had her two year old check-up at the doctor. She is in the 50th percentile for everything. I always knew she was perfect!!

She was less than thrilled to be at the doctor. She freaked out when I sat her on the scale to weigh her. She screamed during the entire exam. And then my baby girl, who barely flinched when she got her H1N1 vaccine, cried and cried when she got 2 shots. Good thing for Dora stickers. They are a cure all!!

When we got home, Delaney burned off a little energy in the backyard.





Yep…that’s my little monkey!


  1. So pretty. Thanks for the reminder on the 2 year checkup! We have got to go and do that. Maria needs 3 shots..this will be the last of her "catch up" shots. She had to have 4 in was aweful. She screamed louder when Sam got his though...sympathy

    Maria will move to the 2 year old group this Sunday so she and Delaney will be reunited. I think she will be so happy over there!

  2. So cute...and the drama begins! :) I just love those curls!!