Monday, April 22, 2013

fun night, botox and cake balls

Well that title pretty much sums up our last three days. Are you curious yet?

Saturday was Fun Night at our school.

IMG_3568  IMG_3616

Delaney and Hayden had fun in the photo booth!


And they played lots of games and got lots of prizes.

IMG_3625 IMG_3626

Delaney loved the obstacle course!

Photo 1

And she got her face painted. Hayden and Tucker opted for tattoos.

We left Fun Night with 2 cakes from the cake walk and a cake pop maker. The cake pop maker was in a raffle basket. Our friends won the basket and already had a cake pop maker, so being the great friends they are, they passed it on to Delaney, who has been begging for one for months!

Photo 2

The cake pop maker led to making cake balls this weekend. No wonder I can’t seem to keep the weight off once I lose it!!

This morning, Nate had botox injections in his hamstrings. No, it isn’t because he has wrinkly hammies. It helps with the tightness and spasticity in his legs and allows him to straighten his legs a little more. Everything went well and an afternoon off from work gave me a little time to catch up on the blog.

Life’s been busy lately and I’m afraid busier times are ahead. Be patient and stay tuned for prom and graduation…the next big events in our lives!

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