Thursday, February 21, 2013

snow day!!!

I’ve had quite a nice little winter break. We were off for President’s Day, so that was a lovely and much needed 3 day weekend. Delaney has had a yucky cough and started running a fever on Monday, so I stayed home with her on Tuesday. Jeremy and I shared a day off on Wednesday because she still wasn’t up to par. And then today (Thursday we have a glorious SNOW DAY!!). We haven’t had a snow day in 2 years. And this was a big one. Do I dare hope for another day off tomorrow??

Delaney is feeling much better. She is still coughing a little and she has a bad case of cabin fever. Surely a little cold air in her lungs won’t do too much harm, right?

IMG_3535 IMG_3540 IMG_3545 IMG_3549 IMG_3552

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