Saturday, May 1, 2010



People are always asking me how Nate is doing. And I usually give them the same answer…”He’s doing good.” And for the most part, Nate is doing good. In fact, in a lot of areas, he’s great!

Nate managed to stay out of the hospital for the third winter in a row. That’s cause for a major celebration in my book!!

He has had a great year in kindergarten. Nate can correctly identify colors, the letters in his first name and pictures of himself and family members. His nurse, para and special ed. teacher are learning how to use a new communication system with Nate, and so far he has been successful with it.

These are all great things. Things to be so thankful for!

But it seems like things can never just be great. Recently, Nate was doing his best to stress this momma out…with seizures and blood sugar problems. All part of the never-ending roller coaster of a medically fragile child.

Nate started having more seizures, after being seizure free for several months. He had a couple of seizures at school. He had several at home. But they seem to be under control once again and he hasn’t had a seizure in over a month.

Nate has a condition called Nesidioblastosis, which causes an overproduction of insulin. This results in severe hypoglycemia. His lows have been below 20 at times. For the most part, it was controlled with medication and a change in his diet. But more recently, Nate started having extreme highs as well. At his last endocrinology appointment, the doctor shared a concern that Nate may be becoming diabetic. Like I said before, it’s a never-ending roller coaster ride!

Currently, at this very moment, Nate is doing great! Wonderfully! Fantastic! I know that can change at any moment. But for now I will savor these healthy moments!

As I close, I’ll share few pictures of Nate.




Notice Nate’s new front teeth…it’s nice to see some pearly whites when he smiles!!

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