Friday, May 30, 2014


We just returned from a fabulous vacation! We took the older girls and went on a Western Caribbean cruise.

We were cruise newbies. So it was particularly great that we traveled along with our friends who are somewhat seasoned cruisers. Thanks J & D for taking care of us and showing us the ropes!


We spent one of our shore days in Cozumel. Jeremy and I went to a national park and got to snorkel and lay out on the beach. The girls went swimming with the dolphins.

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For our second excursion we visited Mayan ruins in Progreso.

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There was a fresh water sinkhole near the ruins. Fortunately I just had a pedicure because it was filled with little fish who wanted to feast on dead skin. Ewwww!

photo 2 (14) photo 4 (5) photo 5 (6)  photo 3 (9)

We had a short beach break after the ruins. It was a great way to cool down.

photo 3 (10)photo 2 (15)photo 1 (16)  

And not to worry…the ink is just henna.

We took lots of selfies.

photo 1 (13) photo 1 (17)

photo 4 (6) photo 5 (7) photo 2 (16)

We ate great food! Our waiter was wonderful and knew us all by name. So did the room steward. Very impressive. Speaking of impressive, every night after dinner, we found our beds turned down with chocolates and a cute little critter made out of folded towels.

photo 1 (12) photo 2 (11) photo 3 (6)

photo 4 (3) photo 5 (5) photo 4 (4)

We ate in the dining room each night and then hung out with friends for the rest of the evening. On our last night, Allison and Joseph were goofing around with a silly photo shoot. I caught the process on my iPhone.

 photo 3 (11) photo 4 (8)

And the finished product:


All in all, it was loads of fun! It was great traveling with friends and our adult children!

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