Tuesday, December 3, 2013

thanksgiving, decking the halls and a birthday

Well, maybe not exactly in that order…but that’s what the past week has consisted of.

Last Wednesday we put up our trees and I spent the next couple of days decking the halls. Everything looks exactly like last year, except our living room tree.

Photo 13

This tree is only slightly different. I added some turquoise and chartreuse decorations.

Photo 2

Thanksgiving was a quiet day spent at my parents’ house. Jason and Molly and the boys were there, along with G.G. Scott and Erika didn’t make it to Kansas this year. We also visited Jeremy’s parents and grandma that evening. His grandpa was in the hospital and is now recovering at a nursing home. He should be back home soon, though.

Thanksgiving also marked the arrival of Dexter from the North Pole.

Photo 5

Day 2:

Photo 3

Day 3:

Photo 9

Day 4:

Photo 10

Day 5:

Photo 11

Day 6:

Photo 12

Our halls at home are the only ones I was busy decking this weekend. I also decorated my classroom door. This year we are having a contest between the teachers. I started looking on Pinterest, certain I would find an idea. However, I began to fear that the other teachers would also look on Pinterest so I had to get creative on my own.

Photo 6 Photo 7

This is based on Mo Willems’ characters from his books. So if you haven’t read his books, you can’t quite fully appreciate it.

Sunday marked Bri’s 19th birthday.

Photo 8 Photo 4  Photo 1

We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and then had ice cream cake before she headed on her merry way.

I’ll be back soon for more Dexter the elf updates (if nothing else).

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