Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy B-day Kansas!!

Today our great state is 152! And our school had a Kansas Day celebration.

The students rotated through several stations (soap carving, story time in a “log cabin”, quilting, pioneer games, etc.) I was in charge of apple turnovers. Whenever you feed kids, it’s always a popular place!

They were super easy and I had a lot of great help!

Start with a canned biscuit. Flatten it out. Put a spoonful of apple pie filling and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Photo 8

Fold over and crimp the edges to make a turnover. Place in the waffle iron for 2 minutes.

Photo 7 

Photo 6

And there you have it! They weren’t the prettiest and they were quite messy. But the kids loved them! We drizzled them with some powdered sugar frosting. Now if only I can figure out how the early Kansas settlers cleaned their waffle irons (wink wink)!

We ended our day with a Cowboys and Cattle Drives demonstration from our principal.

Photo 2 

Happy Birthday Kansas!!!

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