Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the return of Dexter the Elf

I’ve been a very absent blogger lately. I don’t even think I posted pictures from Halloween. Not to worry…you didn’t miss much. Delaney was a black cat and Nate was sick so he didn’t dress up.

The fall has flown by. We had a fairly low-key Thanksgiving. But Turkey Day did mark the arrival of our beloved Elf on the Shelf, Dexter.


Delaney was thrilled to find him on Thanksgiving morn! And we are looking forward to a month of his antics!

Day 2 (and 3…oops):


Day 4:


Day 5:


Day 6:


Dexter’s arrival on Star Street wasn’t the only excitement on Thanksgiving morning. It was also the day that Delaney followed in the footsteps of many a preschooler and cut her own hair!


“Mom, guess what? I got a haircut,” are so not the words I wanted to hear while making green bean casserole. Fortunately, her curls camouflage most of the damage. And also fortunately, my cousin was able to see us Saturday morning for a quick fix.

IMAG1077 IMAG1078

I’m not sure a scalp massage was the best deterrent for future hair catastrophes. But hopefully my stern lecture will be a reminder whenever she is wielding scissors in the future.

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