Sunday, February 27, 2011

to the 2 young moms at mcdonald’s play place…

Next time you take your little boys (who were very obviously too young to be playing in the play place anyway) to McDonald’s, please skip the chocolate chip cookies. But if you just can’t resist, do NOT let your kids eat them while playing on the equipment. And most certainly don’t pass them out to all the other kids to eat while they play on the equipment. Didn’t you read the sign? Because it was very disappointing when my child (who was following all the rules) came down from the slide and was covered in chocolate!!

Going to McDonald’s on a Saturday afternoon is NOT my idea of a good time anyway. But I had bribed my child and told her if she kept her panties dry, we would go to the Play Place. And she kept her panties dry on Friday, so I had to stay true to my word. But rewashing her clothes because they were stained in chocolate was not part of my plan for the day.

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